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What is act of reading? From where the journey of reading starts? Is it just the words inscribed in a page of paper by a writer? Can the reader exist alone without a writer? Who is the observer when there is nothing to be observed?

In Islamic thought, the letters of alphabet have an independent divinely decreed will affected before pen is put to paper and over which the scribe has no control. Tusli Das the greatest of the Hindu poets argued that the reality of fiction is always other than the reality of the material world and overrides it. In Zen Buddhisim the instantaneous illumination or Satori is always both within and beyond the grasp of words. In the Judeo-Christian tradition the writer’s impossibilities appear to be essentially two: to conceive properly and to put properly the concept into words. The writers craft is therefore twice constrained by the limits of imagination which requires faith to provide the evidence of the things not seen and by the limit of language which require the writers to rely on the willing suspension of disbelief of their readers.  

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